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Siomara Narvaez
Yoga teacher, coach and mentor

Is a charismatic and passionate woman who fell in love with the teachings of yoga and its simple yet powerful tools for transformation. She dedicates her life to bring joy, hope, and inspiration to children and their families through her classes and programs.

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Guliana Abdel-lah
Psychologist Teacher, Pre-School​

Guliana Abdel-lah was born and raised in Mexico. She is a Psychologist and an Early Childhood Educator. Her passion is to work with children and help people to understand them. She is committed to encouraging positive outcomes for children’s health, well-being and learning. Guliana is totally engaged in making a difference in every child.

We are Pipirisnais

We strive to support your child in becoming a conscious and self aware human who knows his/her talents and gifts and to share them successfully with the world