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Guiliana Abdel-lah

Psychologist Teacher, Pre-School​

Guliana Abdel-lah was born and raised in Mexico. She is a Psychologist and an Early Childhood Educator. Her passion is to work with children and help people to understand them. She is committed to encouraging positive outcomes for children’s health, well-being and learning. Guliana is totally engaged in making a difference in every child.

Her lifelong dream has been to become a successful holistic educator using her knowledge to encourage and teach children to develop strong values and confidence.


Universidad del Valle de Mexico
Major: Psychology // Degree Earned: Bachelor’s in Psychology


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Lead teacher

Bula Arts and Culture.

Duties: evaluate and track the progress of the students and assistant teachers, responsible for department meetings and parents’ conferences, curriculum planning and selection of the materials and books for the students.

Director, Counseling Department

Jose Maria Luis Mora School, Mexico

One of my main responsibilities was to ensure that students were provided with psychological, psychoeducational, emotional and social support in order to strength their development.

Being in constant contact with their parents and tutors always promoting a harmonious coexistence.

General Manager

St. Teresa Medical Center, Mexico

As a general manager my duties included fulfilling the routine need of the clinic, ensuring supplies were purchased and in stock, payments were submitted and tracked, any necessary permits obtained, payment of payroll, attending to the daily worker and patients needs.

Being in constant contact with their parents and tutors always promoting a harmonious coexistence.

Private Tutor


As a private tutor to elementary school-aged children I offer a one-on-one focused experience to help in various subjects, but mainly Spanish instruction and Arts.

Director of Human Resources

Productores RHR, SA de CV. Mexico.

As a director of human resources it was my responsibility to find the most suitable people to work in the company. I was responsible to plan the orientation and training programs for the new staff, and a system of periodic evaluation to check the efficacy of the old and new employees, and ensuring a employee/employer synergy.  

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