Let’s learn about emotions.

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Acerca de este curso

Emotional intelligence gives children the ability to understand, express and process their emotions.  This series is dedicated to teaching children what emotions are, how to express them, and how movement and breath can help them cope. Children will learn and have fun with this series of videos and complementary material. 

¿Qué aprenderás?

  • What emotions are.
  • Who feels emoions.
  • How to understand feelings.
  • How to process emotions.
  • Vocabulary to express emotions and feelings
  • Yoga postures.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • For the parents: simple tips for better communication with the children.

Contenido del curso

Let’s learn about emotions

  • What emotions are and who feels them.
  • Yoga class
  • Book’s reading
  • Breathing/meditation
  • Story telling
  • Tips for the parents
  • Crafts tutorial
  • Coloring pages and pdf with fun craft and activities to do at home.

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