Entrada: Diversity – Tolerance- Empathy

DIversity hands holding love balloon

Diversity – Tolerance- Empathy

We are leaving  in an more open world where no a days every single person have access to social media, tv ,phones, radios, news papers, etc, and now more than before we get to know that in this world exist more diversity than we could ever imagine, and by saying diversity i talk about beliefs, color, shapes, likes, religion, style of live, (life style, sexual preferences) thoughts, etc. and it is so important to teach the littles ones that we all are different, but at the same time alike.

It is so true that all of us we need a heart to live, we need to be able to breath and we all have blood, and that is what makes us so alike, our heart is the same shape, maybe a little bigger or small, but still the same, our blood is the same color, might be a different type but we all still needed in the same ay, and we all need oxygen to be a live.

We need to share all this with children, so they can know that no matter where they come from, what native language do they speak, what color is their skin, or where they were born, we all have the same rights to have a healthy, happy and respectful life.

Hate has existed since human beings appeared in this world, but nowadays it seems that it is getting more powerful, and is right now the perfect time to stop it, and how will we do it? I know you as a lovely parent do your job at home, but is so difficult to keep your children a 100% away from all that bullying and hate that is out there, but the clue is education, the more educated our children are the more tolerance and empathy they have, we need to teach them that no matter if they are the only ones against all this is still worth it to do it!

At Pipirisnais we care about all our children, we care about their feelings and their emotional development, and the most important thing for us is to help them grow as empaths, lovely, respectful and great human beings.

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