Entrada: Screen time and child´s development

Tensed girl doing her homework in living room

Screen time and child´s development

In today’s world it sounds almost impossible to be away from the screen.  There are screens everywhere, phone, tablets, computers, video games, television, publicity.  You probably heard too much exposure to these devices could cause some problems.  Have you really taken the time to understand why? Do you know how screen time affects the brain?  Especially your kids brain?

It is very common to expose children to the screen since they are babies.  They seem to enjoy it and it can definetley give more time to the parents to do other things.  Letting the kids take the phone and watch some cartoons calms them down, keeps them busy and again it gives the parent some peace of mind.  At least that is what is seen on the surface. 

How is this affecting the baby’s brain?  Is this habit going to have an impact on the development of the child?  Is this the kind of stimulation the brain needs for language, focus, problem solving and emotional behavior? 

Sadly the answer is not a very positive one, especially for the time the child’s brain is developing.  The overstimulation with rapid moving images, sounds, and violent content on today’s programs are a killer for the brain.  Watch this great Ted talk  https://youtu.be/v2SdEpHjrjw

Too much screen time can decrease the capacity to focus and being able to deal with the real world.   Sitting in front on the screen means less time experiencing life and learning how to interact with others.  As a result, the child can lash out easily because he/she does not know how to cope, this leads to sadness, stress and even depression. 

Young sad boy at school
Young sad boy at school

There is a lack of energy and a decrease in showing interest for other activities other than more tv and video games.  The mechanism the child ends up developing to cope and to regain energy is to get angry.  This anger gives him/her the boost of energy needed to keep going. 

The time you allow your child to be in front of the screen will affect the development of language, the ability to focus one’s attention, emotion processing, decision making, and cognitive control.  It also affects the production of dopamine and this changes the kids capacity to find joy.  Sleep is also disturbed by screen time.

There is so much information you can gather online to be informed and make good decisions.  Use your time wisely and decide consciously how your habits are affecting your child’s life. 

The little time your child spends on the screen should be of the highest quality.  Choose wisely.  The rest of the time go out, play, and explore the world. 

We at Pipirisnais care about your child’s development not only as a happy and healthy kid but also as an amazing and successful human being. 

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